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Addiction Program

The Addiction Program incorporates treatment, education and research of concurrent disorders across the health care continuum. It operates within Mental Health & Addictions, Alberta Health Services.

Concurrent disorders

are described as two or more disorders in a single individual interacting in the presenting clinical picture. The Addiction Program promotes the Progressive and Integrated Recovery (PaIR) Model.

Progressive: Based on assessment results and motivation, patient care starts with lowest level of treatment intensity required/desired followed by higher levels as needed.

Integrated: Combines treatment elements from mental health, medicine and addiction to create a unified and comprehensive program.

Recovery: Recovery management provides an alternative to the traditional provision of unrelated, serial episodes of acute care.

Addiction Centre

The Addiction Centre specializes in the comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment of adults/adolescents with substance/behavioral addiction concurrent with a mental health and/or chronic physical health condition.

Addiction Network

The Addiction Network includes acute care and community based satellites. Each Addiction Network satellite provides enhanced consultation services to individuals presenting with a history of substance abuse/behavioural addiction concurrent with a significant psychiatric and/or medical diagnosis. Services are supported by a registered nurse, psychologist, and consulting family physician and/or psychiatrist.

Claresholm Centre for Mental Health and Addictions

The Concurrent Disorders Residential Program at Claresholm is intended for individuals with concurrent disorders 18 and older who would benefit from residential treatment.