RSO and Diabetes

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There was a time when using marijuana simply meant getting high. But those days are gone. Marijuana is now a potent medicine for many ailments. From curing depression to cancer and now even diabetes RSO oil made out cannabis has made quite the name for it. Now that marijuana is getting legal, its many benefits are coming to the fore. And now a lot of products are being made out of it like oils.

Diabetes is one of those diseases that do not leave you once they enter your life. It is not something that is easily cured. In a lot of diseases it has been observed that regular drugs and prescription medicines do not help at all. These are the diseases that have actually led to popularizing unconventional and alternative drugs like RSO oil.

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A Diabetes Cure

Now after all the diseases marijuana is rumored to cure, diabetes is one of them. Very few people actually benefit from prescribed medicines for diabetes and a lot of them complain of how you have to become completely reliant on these medicines to keep the symptoms at bay. This creates a vicious cycle of taking medicines continuously as giving them up would worsen the condition, but at the same time the more you take these medicines the more reliant on them you will become. RSO oil has thus made it to the list of possible cure to the disease.

What usually concerns people about conventional medicines are the side effects that come with it. Often a new problem arises while trying to solve one due to the side effects of the drugs. Marijuana is supposed to reverse those effects as it is a multipurpose drug and addresses more than one problem at once. First of all it has been said to treat and stabilize the glucose level; in the blood. So you can expect RSO oil to actually treat the root cause of diabetes, and if that happens half of your problems will be taken care of. It also treats inflammation o all the inflammatory medicines that you have been taking will not affect you the way that they used to anymore. Also a common problem with diabetic patients is severe gastric and digestive issues which are triggered by inflammation in the body. Apart from these it is said to have a positive effects on the blood circulation and also high blood pressure which are problems that arise due to either diabetes or their conventional medicines.

Apart from that any neurological problem that the patient may be suffering form can be cures by this oil. Marijuana is already known for its soothing properties and how it alleviates any neurotic issues. Another issue that a lot of diabetic patients suffer form is a lack of good sleep, or even insomnia. RSO oil soothes the nerves as already mentioned so thereby helps in getting a good deep sleep. Sleep can actually help diabetic patients as that creates a balance in the body thereby makes the system work better.

So as you can see what this oil does is attack the root causes of the disease while providing a wholesome treatment of all the other troubles related to it. Thus, it makes sure that it restores your health from within.


If you take a look at the medical journals, you will find out that there is an extensive scientific research on the fact that if cannabis oil is able to treat cancer. Cannabis or marijuana oil which is derived from the medicinal Cannabis Sativa plant is vastly different from the cannabis plant that is used for recreational purpose. Hence, the medicinal cannabis or marijuana should be kept separated with crude marijuana that is used as a drug.

Researchers have shown that many people suffering from cancer have reacted positively when administered with marijuana oil for cancer treatment. This is because marijuana oil contains high amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinoid (CBD) in them. The cannabinoids plays a crucial role in inhibiting the migration of cancer cells. The CBD is a non-psychotrophic element that possesses anti-proliferative effect on the cancer cells; whereas THC is considered as one the psychoactive component of cannabis that prompts the tumor cells to commit suicide. It does not affect the non-tumor cells.

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Marijuana Oil

Marijuana oil is obtained from the cannabis plant. It contains important chemical compounds like THC and CBD in them. In fact, THC and CBD are more responsible in causing the death of the cancer cells and blocking its growth. Basically, it stops the development of the blood vessels which are mostly needed for the growth of the cancer cells.

What Studies Show?

On papers one gets to find that using marijuana oil for cancer treatment is illegal, but it has seen to benefit the cancer patients. Studies have shown that the THC compound of the plant which is found in the oil helps to deal with cancer related symptoms such as pain, nausea, and vomiting. In fact, studies have shown that cancer patients have got good results.

How the Cannabis/ Marijuana Oil Helps?

  • Cannabinoids which forms an important element of the marijuana oil helps in promoting apoptosis and stops angiogenesis.
  • It even stops the cancer cells from dividing.
  • Marijuana oil for cancer reduces the chance of cancer cells from spreading all throughout the body and prevents the cancer cells from invading the neighboring tissues.
  • It helps up in the speeding up of a cell’s internal waste disposal mechanism.

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Way In Which the Oil Works

The life and death of a cell is managed by sphingolipids. When the ceramide level of a cell is high, death of the cells is sure, but a cell continues to grow if the ceramide level is low. Our body is comprised of CB1 and CB2 receptors that work along with the cannabinoids for promoting homeostasis. At the point when THC interfaces with the CB1 or CB2 receptors of the cancer cell, it increases the ceramide synthesis. The cancer cells dies because of a slight shift in the mitochondria. It produces a protein p53 that distorts the calcium metabolism of the mitochondria and the cell’s digestive system. Thereby, it stops the survival pathways of the cancer cells,

There is no such complete cancer preventives but marijuana oil for cancer can be considered for reducing the risk of cancer up to a certain extent. With this oil the cancer cells can be killed before it fully develops into tumors.