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There has been an ongoing debate on whether drug addicts to be treated as criminals or not. Well, the growing population who falls prey to substance abuse should be sent to drug rehab center instead of jails. The rehab centers can provide better treatment and prevention program, which is usually not found in jails or within a prison system.

Addiction Is a Sickness: It Should Be Treated

Addiction to substances should be treated as a sort of sickness. People may fall a victim of drug abuse or might have started to take drugs because of certain reason. Well, taking drugs or forcing others is regarded as a sort of crime. Some may claim that they might hurt others in order to procure drugs. But when a person readily accepts their problem and wants to get cured, they should be given a chance.

It can become easy to judge and form an opinion about an addict without knowing the circumstances that night have lead them to it. Drug rehab center can help addicts to get over their addiction and help them to lead a normal life.  If the addicts are not treated at the right time it can hamper their life and also their family.

Drug Addicts Going or Coming Out of Rehab Are Not Criminals

Drug addiction is a disease. Society as well as people needs to understand that no person grows up with the wish to become a drug addict and get involved in criminal activity. Studies have shown that most of the drug addicts come from broken homes or suffer from mental illness. Taking drugs seems to be the only way to get away from pain.

Many people who take drugs are often sent to jails. However, sending them to jail is not a good option as they might not get quality treatment. They might not be able to get over the addiction completely. In order to completely cure drug addicts they must be sent to drug rehabilitation centers. The rehab centers can provide right set of treatment that can help them commit to quitting drugs, ways to deal with withdrawals and relapse, and also help them to undergo behavioral therapy for better results.

If one wants to support people for healthy transformation, one must stop from enforcing stress on their burdened existence. Whenever an addict comes out of a drug rehab center they must be welcomed back to the mainstream society with open heart and not streamlined because of their horrid past. It would impact them mentally.

Life after Prison

When a drug addict is released from prison, they are not accepted by society. They are not provided help. They lose hope. On the other hand, in order to secure the future of the addicts, rehab centers are the best option. It transforms a person from being a addict to non-addict so that they get an helping hand from society. With proper treatment program like detoxification, counseling, peer support, and therapy an addict becomes a changed person.

Drug rehab center ensures that addicts are not treated as criminals. It can make the life of addicts much better when they are treated as normal people. By providing assistance, they can be even made a productive member of the society.


If you take a look at the medical journals, you will find out that there is an extensive scientific research on the fact that if cannabis oil is able to treat cancer. Cannabis or marijuana oil which is derived from the medicinal Cannabis Sativa plant is vastly different from the cannabis plant that is used for recreational purpose. Hence, the medicinal cannabis or marijuana should be kept separated with crude marijuana that is used as a drug.

Researchers have shown that many people suffering from cancer have reacted positively when administered with marijuana oil for cancer treatment. This is because marijuana oil contains high amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinoid (CBD) in them. The cannabinoids plays a crucial role in inhibiting the migration of cancer cells. The CBD is a non-psychotrophic element that possesses anti-proliferative effect on the cancer cells; whereas THC is considered as one the psychoactive component of cannabis that prompts the tumor cells to commit suicide. It does not affect the non-tumor cells.

Marijuana Oilcannabis oil for cancer

Marijuana oil is obtained from the cannabis plant. It contains important chemical compounds like THC and CBD in them. In fact, THC and CBD are more responsible in causing the death of the cancer cells and blocking its growth. Basically, it stops the development of the blood vessels which are mostly needed for the growth of the cancer cells.

What Studies Show?

On papers one gets to find that using marijuana oil for cancer treatment is illegal, but it has seen to benefit the cancer patients. Studies have shown that the THC compound of the plant which is found in the oil helps to deal with cancer related symptoms such as pain, nausea, and vomiting. In fact, studies have shown that cancer patients have got good results.

How the Cannabis/ Marijuana Oil Helps?

  • Cannabinoids which forms an important element of the marijuana oil helps in promoting apoptosis and stops angiogenesis.
  • It even stops the cancer cells from dividing.
  • Marijuana oil for cancer reduces the chance of cancer cells from spreading all throughout the body and prevents the cancer cells from invading the neighboring tissues.
  • It helps up in the speeding up of a cell’s internal waste disposal mechanism.

Way In Which the Oil Works

The life and death of a cell is managed by sphingolipids. When the ceramide level of a cell is high, death of the cells is sure, but a cell continues to grow if the ceramide level is low. Our body is comprised of CB1 and CB2 receptors that work along with the cannabinoids for promoting homeostasis. At the point when THC interfaces with the CB1 or CB2 receptors of the cancer cell, it increases the ceramide synthesis. The cancer cells dies because of a slight shift in the mitochondria. It produces a protein p53 that distorts the calcium metabolism of the mitochondria and the cell’s digestive system. Thereby, it stops the survival pathways of the cancer cells,

There is no such complete cancer preventives but marijuana oil for cancer can be considered for reducing the risk of cancer up to a certain extent. With this oil the cancer cells can be killed before it fully develops into tumors.